Here at Eco Bay Remodeling we are specializing in providing substantial solutions for home remodeling projects.

With 33 years of experience we have realized that one of the most important aspects for home owners is the way the process is going during their home remodeling project.  Care, communication, reliability, good workmanship and the overall quality of work done is what is giving our clients the peace of mind they deserve during their remodeling experience is about.

Eco Bay remodeling had realized many years ago that what put’s our clients at ease is the fact that we always provide them with 100% information of the future plan, current progress and constant updates during the work that is being performed through to completion.

We truly believe that every house is someone’s HOME and should always be treated with TLC.  Our teams are trained to take every project small or big very seriously and respect every home like it was their own. Our project managers will explain everything about the work that is going to be performed and will make sure together with you that this is exactly what you have dreamed of, wanted and needed.

Our experts will help you find the best combination between a modern or contemporary look using top quality products while keeping up to date with current technology, items, products and inventions.

We all know that here in our lovely Bay area we have the advantage and chance to be exposed  to many kinds of technologies and eco-solutions and want you to know we are on top of it and first and foremost have your best interest at heart.

Please allow us to make your dream project come to reality.